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Norma’s Touch

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Norma's Story... I really believe that a happy skin leads to a happy life. If you look good you're likely to feel good about yourself, are more productive and your skin glows with confidence.

Hello! I'm Norma, the founder of Norma's Touch. I believe good skin starts with a relationship between the aesthetician and the client. This is necessary in order to understand your skin care needs, goals, and the precise regimen of products and treatments to reach your ultimate results. 

 I have been in the beauty industry for over 30 years. I started out as a makeup artist who struggled with acne for years. Part of the problem was covering up my acne with makeup not knowing there was a better way. I learned that proper skin care, a better diet, exercise and replacing those bad habits with good ones eliminates most of  your skin challenges. 

As my skin improved, my passion for skin care led me to enroll in esthetic training. Now I can help educate each client and create your individualized treatment and skin regimen that’s right for your lifestyle.

It is my passion that each one of you look your very best. And I am fully committed to helping you achieve your ultimate skin results.