Enhancing Treatments

Enhancing Treatments & Add-ons Get the skin you desire. Book with us today...

Enhancing Treatments: Lymphatic Drainage, LED Light for Acne, Back Facials, Skin Tag Removal, Reflexology, Brow and Lash Dye.

Lymphatic Treatment Face
$ 95 45 min
Stimulate your metabolism and detoxify the skin, reducing puffiness from toxins and fluids.
This awesome treatment also speeds recovery from pre or post laser treatments or surgical procedures.
LED Light Treatments
$ 30 20 min
A fabulous addition to any skin treatment, these are customized to your skin’s needs.
Non invasive anti bacterial treatment. Collagen stimulation reduces redness and brightens skin tone.
Women's Deluxe Back Facial
$ 135 60 min
This great treatment exfoliates with sea salts, steams, extracts (if needed), and uses an oil-enriched body mask for smooth, hydrated, and radiant skin.
Lymphatic Treatment for Legs
$ 150 60 min
Lymphatic Flow aids in decreasing swelling, accelerating post surgery healing.
Improves circulation, encourages healing, boosts body healing.
Skin Tag Removal
$ 75 15 min
Say goodbye to pesky skin tags without any bleeding! Our radio frequency treatment removes them safely and effectively, leaving you with smooth, flawless skin. Don't let skin tags hold you back from feeling your best - book your appointment today!
Lash Dye
$ 25 30 min
if the eyes are the windows of your soul then attract more gazes by enhancing your lashes.
Brow Dye
$ 25 15 min
Eyebrows do more than frame your eyes, they give context to your face and even your hair.
Mini Back Facial
$ 50
Enjoy a mini back treatment during your facial. This includes a scrub, mask and a body lotion.