Peel Treatments

Facial Peels Norma will help you choose the facial peel your skin really needs. Book with us Today!

C Peel
$ 600 60 min
Get ready to reveal new, fresher-looking skin in just 5 days with the Green Herbal Peel! This powerful formula increases circulation and metabolism, improving large pores, reducing deep wrinkles, brightening brown spots, and improving scars.
Say hello to smoother skin that absorbs products more effectively.
Plus, the post-kit is included for your convenience.
S 275 75 min
Experience a rejuvenating alternative to Chemical Peels! Rediscover youthful, radiant skin with little to no peeling.
Expect a brief glow of redness, fading swiftly to reveal refined pores and improved texture.
Brighten and restore your skins elasticity effortlessly, with minimal downtime. Embrace a fresher, younger-looking you!
Glass Facial
$ 250 60 min
Revitalize dehydrated skin, banish age spots, and hyperpigmentation with a gentle Herbal Peel
No downtime, no visible peeling, just a fresh, youthful glow.